Pray for Newton

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I think the Center for Morality in Public Life said it perfectly (via Facebook):

On days of tragedy, the last thing to discuss is gun control, cultural issues or other sundry reasonings attempting to explain the depth of such a violent tragedy. The meek heart today should seek only compassion for the victims and their families. Conversation for understanding and action always comes later. Always.

Pray for the community of Newton, CT and all the victims of this senseless tragedy. That is all for now. There are no words. Just pray.

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  1. God bless them all. We have so much work to do. I’m trying to help my non-religious friends recognize that they have to change for the better too. It is small, it is inadequate, it is written to be more ecumenical and less traditional-Catholic, but it the best we have to give. We have dedicated 28 days to doing better – being kinder – as a very small token of the least we can do. I’m just sorry it can’t be more, but I tie it to the suffering of Our Lord on the cross and pray for his healing mercy. You can join us too, if you want: or #28DaysForNewtown. God Bless You All.

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