Every Child Deserves a Chance

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The father of a child with Down syndrome made this video after learning the heartbreaking truth about the fate of most children with his condition:

All abortion is equally abhorrent and offensive to humanity. It targets one segment of society, the unborn, and deems it worthy of life only at the behest of another segment. Eugenic abortion, however, goes one step further and takes a class of born citizens, the sick and disabled, and says to us, “your life is not worth living, you are a burden to yourself and society and you, and others like you, are better off dead.”

Humanity’s greatness is shown best in how we love and care for those in need. We should be concerned with making the world a place where people with disabilities feel welcome and valued, not trying to snuff them out of existence. Many wonderful advancements have been made in recent decades, but, clearly, more work still needs to be done.

2 Comments on “Every Child Deserves a Chance”

  1. Both my sisters have children with Down Syndrome and whenever I read statistics like those given in this video I cry over the world’s loss. They are now 18 and 24 and their lives are definitely worth living. Thanks for sharing this video.

  2. Wow, I had no idea of this about DS children. DS children (and adults) are some of the sweetest people I know. I used to ride the “little bus” to school as a teenager because I lived outside of the school district, and while I found it pretty embarrassing at the time, I gained a lot by riding with those who are disabled. For one thing, I never had to look for a seat as they always offered me to sit by them. And I never had to worry about having no one to talk to, as they would constantly say hello. And I never had to worry about being teased as they were the kindest and most sensitive people I had known. And people want to abort them? No wonder the world is becoming a more oppressive place.

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