Unborn Atheists: Do You Believe in Mom?

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The sad reality behind this clever little illustration is that mothers of roughly 30% of the children conceived today will have them killed before they get a chance to see ‘Mom’ or experience life outside the womb…well, this life, anyway.

3 Comments on “Unborn Atheists: Do You Believe in Mom?”

  1. Let’s go further with the comparison between “mom” and the Christian/Muslim god.
    After they are born, even if both of them were good babies, the mother should take the a-mom-ist baby and torture him with fire, and then bash his head with a hammer until he dies because he didn’t “choose” to believe in her without any compelling evidence to do so, or because he was ignorant of her existence, or because he had a mental disease…

    Whatever the reasons for his disbelief, he had the freedom to believe but he didn’t, therefore he deserved to be tortured and killed with a hammer. And we, the other humans, should praise the mother for being kind and just to her children.

    That would be an accurate comparison between the mother and the Christian/Muslim god.

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