The Clarity of Clare

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clare.jpgDear readers, please head over to CatholicLane and read my good friend Bill Donaghy’s touching account of how he and his wife Rebecca adopted their daughter Clare, whose mother almost aborted her:

Every parent should consider their child a gift and a miracle, because every human life is an unrepeatable, absolutely incredible, physical manifestation of God’s image and His love in this world. Our daughter Clare is a miracle because of that truth; but there’s something even more miraculous about her story that merits repeating. In this month of January, when hundreds of thousands will travel to our nation’s capitol, mourning 39 years of the legality of abortion in America, we need the clarity and light Clare brings us even more. Clare is an abortion holocaust survivor.

Before we knew she existed, our future adopted daughter was in a Planned Parenthood, in-utero, having her life scheduled to be “terminated.” Through a miracle of grace, a technician let the sound of baby Clare’s heartbeat resound in that clinical room of torture (This is not the current practice of Planned Parenthood, but there appears to be some current legislation urging this form of prenatal monitoring to be law). On hearing the rapid and muffled tones of that little heartbeat, Clare’s birth mother changed her mind about the abortion, got up, and left America’s leading abortion provider.

That’s enough of a tease – read the rest!!

Abortion advocates love to tell pro-lifers that, if we’re soooo “pro-life”, we should offer to adopt so-called “unwanted” babies who would otherwise be aborted. Well, that’s just what Bill and Rebecca have done…twice! Besides Clare, the Donaghy’s have an older son, whose adoption came about in a similar way. Bill told me:

[O]ur son’s birth mom had already had an abortion once and was on the fence when he was conceived. Through a prolife friend at his grandmothers hair salon (!) she found a resource in the prolife center across the street from Planned Parenthood!!! Praise God!

Praise God, indeed!

Bill is a speaker for the Theology of the Body Institute. Visit his blog: The Heart of Things and check out Rebecca’s CD: Expecting Grace: Songs From a Mommy’s Heart

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  1. I was at a Pro Life rally yesterday and this very issue came up. These sadly confused pro-aborts came up accusing me of not adopting if I was really pro life. I told them I wasn’t in a position to adopt at the moment, but that such an option was a possibility.

    They were right in that there isn’t enough talk for Pro Lifers to adopt, because an unadopted child is in a sense ‘unwanted’ by the Pro Life side. But these folks were too caught up in their anger to even have a decent talk. Stories like this one need to be given a more prominent role in Pro Life articles and talks. There is a huge difference between talk about adotpion as being an option and actually adopting.

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