We Need This Man in the Senate…

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ricksantorum.jpgOr in the Oval Office! So, I wasn’t planning on posting anything today. But, I would be really sad to see this man voted out today. Senator Rick Santorum is an amazing defender of the family and human life and it would just be a shame to see the people of Pennsylvania not reward his good service. I pray that they have more sense than that.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to endorse Senator Jim Talent from my home state – something that I have, regretably, neglected to do during this election campaign. He has a consistent pro-life voting record, indicated by his 0% rating from NARAL. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for Claire McCaskill who is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and on Emily’s List – proof, to me, that she should have no place on the Senate floor.carl2.jpg

Another good man is my State Senator, Carl Vogel, who I ran into at the prayer rally in Fulton. I used to visit his office frequently when I was lobbying for a ban on human cloning in MO, sponsored by my other favorite Sen., Matt Bartle. I have no idea what is going to happen today. I really find it unbelievable that our country is so divided that there is literally no way to tell how this election will turn out. The polls have been shifting everyday. I know that the media has pretty much forcasted doom and gloom for the GOP, but I’m a little more optimistic. Kathryn Jean Lopez has a very uplifting article on National Review Online that’s worth a read. Let’s keep our spirits high, it ain’t over till it’s over – or something like that.

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