The Search for God Cannot Wait

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harrison.pngOn this day 10 years ago, my favorite musician, Mr. George Harrison, lost his battle with throat cancer and the “Quiet Beatle” was silenced forever in this world. Harrison was always considered the most spiritual of all the Beatles and, in a statement released by his family on the occasion of his death in 2001, he was credited as often saying:

“Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait”

As the Baltimore Catechism states, “God made us to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with him forever in heaven.” Our time on earth is very limited and so our search for the God whom we are called to know, love and serve here is something that must never be put on hold. “Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come” (Mk. 13:33).

I don’t know exactly what Harrison’s religious beliefs were, except that he was, of course, heavily influenced by eastern mysticism and spirituality and, I think, a believer in reincarnation. Nevertheless, I pray that his quest to know and love God in this life will lead to peace and happiness with Him in Eternal Life.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine on him forever. May he rest in peace.

My favorite Harrison/Beatles song (and, really, my favorite song of all time):

For every human is a quest to find the answer to, why are we here? Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?…Everything else is secondary. (G. Harrison, CBS This Morning, 6/12/97).

7 Comments on “The Search for God Cannot Wait”

  1. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the fact is Harrison was caught up in Eastern Religions, effectively repudiating Christianity. In fact, the song “My Sweet Lord” Harrison said he deliberately made it sound Christian so as to draw attention and draw people into singing the song but really giving praises to pagan gods.

    Though this is unpopular, we must resist the urge to follow the culture here. When a song says “My sweet lord” referring to the pagan Hindu god Krishna – that’s unacceptable and blasphemous. And to make matters worse, Harrison took one of the most sacred and holy Hebrew-Christian terms “Halleluja” – meaning “Yahweh be Praised” – and applies it to Hindu gods.

    I agree with you that Here Comes the Sun is an amazing song, but even though “My Sweet Lord” used to be a tune I liked, I came to realize how much an affront it was to Christ.

  2. Nick – no bubbles bursted here. I’m fully aware that he was heavily influenced by Eastern religion/spirituality and acknowledged that fact in my post. I didn’t endorse his religious beliefs, just that he is correct that our search for God is something that cannot wait.


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  4. To all those who belive that there religion is the only way..

    Religion is a path to search and reach for God.

    It is described as the GOD is a mountain peak and no matter which path you choose the destination will always be same.

    So religions are path and the ultimate destination is GOD.

    We can only think what we can imagine.. and our imagination is based on what we came accross in our life… So don’t use the limited imagination to describe GOD.. He is everywhere and only true lover can achive him. To be a true lover stop hating others..

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