2 Week Old Baby Girl Rescued From Earthquake Rubble in Turkey

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Praise God!

Look at that tiny little thing! Amazing. From the story on Tuesday:

Earthquake rescuers in eastern Turkey have pulled a two-week-old girl from the wreckage of an apartment building, freeing her from the arms of her mother, who was still trapped.

The baby, named as Azra Karaduman, was freed from the rubble in the town of Ercis, which was badly hit by the quake. Her mother, Semiha, had been clasping her daughter to her chest.

Television footage showed orange-clad rescuers clapping as the naked infant was carried from the rubble. She was wrapped in a blanket and passed to doctors.

Several hours later the mother, who had been pinned down next to a sofa, was freed, and the child’s grandmother was also believed to be alive. Azra’s father was thought to be inside the building and it was not known if he had survived.

Read more. Three generations rescued – wonderful! Mother and baby, pictured right, are recovering nicely.

Last I checked, the death toll from a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in eastern Turkey on Sunday has risen to over 500.

Click here to see video of the incredible rescue of baby Azra, her mother and grandmother.

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  1. its good they got out the poor mother must have had a heart attack when it collapsed.

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