“Are You Crazy, Or Just Plain Stupid?”

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Mama says stupid is as stupid does. But stupid is as stupid says as well. Mexico’s former attorney general and human rights commission chairman says that early stage unborn children could really be chimpanzees:

Dr. Jorge Carpizo McGregor claims that “for the topic of abortion, there are very important scientific advances that prove that the DNA of chimpanzees is 99 percent identical to that of a human being. The difference between ourselves and chimpanzees is one percent, this quantity that makes the difference is the central nervous system.”

“Before twelve weeks of gestation, there is no cerebral cortex, that is to say, there is no human being, the cortex is formed around the 25th week. This is a very important piece of information because those who attack abortion say that a human being is being killed and it isn’t true.”

That’s just the height of stupidity. This brilliant man is also planning on putting these thoughts into a book called “Human Rights: Abortion and Euthanasia”. Based on his above statements I’m sure it will be rich with accurate scientific insight.

Fact: from the moment of conception a the embryo inside a woman’s uterus contains a complete genome of the species Homosapien and is in fact human.

(H/T Dawkinswatch’s Weblog

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