Kissling Laments: Not Enough Poor Babies Being Killed!

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Former ‘Catholics’ for Free Choice President Frances Kissling writes at RH Reality Check lamenting that not enough poor women are killing their babies:

We all know the stats: 25 percent or so of women on Medicaid who would choose abortions end up having babies instead, most in poverty with little chance of getting out of it. Some women who don’t raise the money for a first trimester abortion end up with second trimester procedures, either borrowing the money or getting some help from the various abortion funds around the country whose volunteers are the unsung heroes of our movement – and when was the last time you saw one of these funds given some big prochoice award?

What are we going to do about this sorry state of affairs? What indeed can we do?

Kissling goes on to list 12 ways in which pro-aborts can improve the “sorry state” of too many poor babies being born like: donating to local independent “abortion funds” or doctors/clinics committing abortions for free. This entire article can be filed under “Revolting Quotes That Define the Pro-Abortion Left.” I found number nine to be particularly revolting:

9. Every Foundation that funds in the field should allocate some portion of their giving to abortions for poor women. We constantly hear that donors want deliverables; they want their money to result in something tangible. What could be more tangible than providing an abortion for woman who cannot afford it? You might actually change her life.

Interesting word-choice: “deliverables.” And, yes, indeed, what could be more tangible than a dead baby? I can’t imagine what would keep any Foundation, or individual, for that matter, from contributing to that – even under the pretext of “helping” women (which is a crock, anyway).

That this woman has the audacity to call herself Catholic is infuriating. GRRrrr!! Stop, Chelsea. Breathe, Chelsea.

[F]or (the Lord) makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust (Mt. 5:45).

Excuse me. I think it’s best that I just end this post now, otherwise I will probably say a lot of mean things that I’ll regret later. Instead I’ll just invite you to say with me a short prayer to the Holy Spirit for this woman together with the Advent prayer for life.


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