Woman Gives Birth to Her First Grandchild

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If that heading doesn’t sound quite right to you, it shouldn’t, and yet, it happened. According to LifeSiteNews, a woman in Mexico gave birth to a child whose biological parents are her single gay son and his married childhood friend. Needless to say, the “(grand)mother” is a little confused:

“I don’t feel like a mother nor like a grandmother,” the woman told Reforma. “When they say ‘mother’ to me I feel strange, and when they say ‘grandmother’ also. I mean, he was my first grandson, and I don’t feel that way because at the same time he is my fourth son.”

Oh, it gets better. The family has reportedly documented the circumstances of young Dario’s birth so that one day he will know the truth about his origins. Now, if that is not a recipe for lifetime counseling, I don’t know what is. And the woman is willing to do it again!!

I would like to say that this is the first time something this creepy has happened, but alas. In 2007, a 59 year old woman in DelRay Beach, FL, gave birth to her own twin grandchildren after her daughter was diagnosed with cancer and had a hysterectomy. Doctors harvested some of her eggs which were fertilized by her husbands sperm and later implanted into the womb of her 59 year old mother.

Just sick and further evidence of a society that puts the happiness and selfish desires of its adults above the best interests of its children. Is it wrong for people to want to have children? No. But infertility and a sexual lifestyle in which procreation is impossible, do not justify taking the matters of life into one’s own hands. Children are a gift, not a right.

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