“Babies” Out on DVD!!

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If you wanted to, but did not get an opportunity to see the documentary “Babies” when it opened in a limited number of theaters earlier this year, your wait is finally over! It’s been available on iTunes, Apple TV and DirecTV for a while, but now the cuteness of “Babies” is available everywhere on DVD! The trailer, if you’ve never seen it:

Reflecting on the arrival of his newborn daughter, whom he could not take his eyes off of, my good friend Bill Donaghy recently wrote:

Once again, God has given us the key for growing in holiness and happiness; a prolonged and profound dose of baby-gazing. This is what can save Planet Earth! I believe the remedy for war and terror lies in this simple act: that all men and women whose hearts are dark and angry, sullen or selfish, hurried or hollow, should hold newborns and contemplate life’s fragile and superfluous beauty. Relish the gift. Receive the gift. That’ll fix ya.

Read the rest as he goes on to review the movie Babies and list the Top 10 Reasons Why Babies Will Save the Human Race.

One heads up: there is quite a bit of “cultural and maternal nudity” throughout the movie, mostly bare breasts. I know some people can be sensitive about these things when deciding whether or not to let their kids watch something, though, I would submit that this kind of nudity is a nice contrast to the image they are used to seeing of women in our pop culture (even when they’re not fully undressed) and a good opportunity to teach young people about the true beauty of the human body and how to view it with the dignity and respect that it deserves.

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