TOB Tuesday: Love = The Affirmation of the Person

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“The skill in giving and receiving which is typical of love is exhibited by the man whose attitude to a woman is informed by total affirmation of her value as a person, and equally by the woman whose attitude to a man is informed by affirmation of his value as a person. This skill creates the specific climate of betrothed love – the climate of surrender of the innermost self'(JP II, Love and Responsibility p. 129)

“Betrothed love”, in which we find ourselves by giving ourselves to another, is the highest stage of love. The fullness of this love requires a shift to a higher dimension of reality, beyond the reach of mere feeling to the affirmation of another person for his or her own sake. Only then can the lover say yes forever.

Source: Called to Love: Approaching John Paul II’s Theology of the Body

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