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Commenting on Bill Tammeus’ unscientific defense of human cloning at the National Catholic Reporter, Rebecca Taylor says:

If SCNT, the same technique that created Dolly, makes cloned sheep embryos, then it sure as sh** makes human embryos when used with human eggs and human somatic cells. (Sorry I am really angry!)

Don’t worry, Rebecca, you are not the only angry one here!! Of course, NCR has pretty much been a joke of a “Catholic” newspaper for some time now, so this is not a total surprise. But it’s still maddening, and quite sad, really.

If Mr. Tammeus’ piece is not scientifically accurate, there’s a good reason. He got his information from cloning advocate William B. Neaves, CEO of the pro-cloning Stowers Institute of Medical Research in Kansas City. Neaves, along with Don Rubin of the Missouri Coalition for Life Saving Cures, lead the $30 million misinformation campaign for “Amendment 2” in 2006, which said scientists had a constitutional right to conduct human cloning research in the State of Missouri.

Read Taylor’s critique. The Catholic Key blog has more as well.

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