Korean Court Rules Embryo is Not A Life Form

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Under the dictatorship of relativism absolutely nothing is absolutely true…not even basic science. Case in point (h/t Wesley Smith):

South Korea’s Constitutional Court has ruled that human embryos left over from fertility treatment are not life forms and can be used for research or destroyed, a court spokesman said Friday.

In its ruling Thursday the court upheld an existing law allowing the use of leftover embryos for research. The law also allows fertility clinics to dispose of frozen embryos five years after fertilisation treatment is completed.

“The ruling means that human embryos that are in their early stage and are not implanted into a mother’s womb cannot be seen as human life forms,” the spokesman, Noh Hui-Beom, told AFP.

The ruling came after a group of 13 people including pro-life activists filed a petition with the court against the current bioethics law, which allows the use of leftover embryos for research.

I told you the stem cell debate was becoming more and more unscientific. This all reminds me of this interview with Princeton professor of molecular biology Lee Silver who says that embryos are no different than the skin cells on your arm:

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Apparently one doesn’t have to have a whole lot of common sense to be a professor at Princeton. Of course, really, the idea that embryos are not human life has more to do with politics than science. It is just a way of manipulating public support for human cloning and embryonic stem cell research – the consequences of which are devastating for the future of humanity.

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