Catholic Church Collaborates With Neostem to Promote ASCR

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The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture will team up with NeoStem, Inc., an international biopharmaceutical company with operations in the US and China, to create awareness about the promise of adult stem cells to treat disease:

“Considering the potential implication of scientific investigation, medical applicability and the cultural impact of research on adult stem cells, we view the collaboration with NeoStem as a critical effort,” said Reverend Tomasz Trafny, of the Pontifical Council for Culture. “Through educational initiatives with NeoStem and sponsorship of scientific research programs involving cutting edge adult stem cell science which does not hurt human life, we come one step closer to a breakthrough that can relieve needless human suffering. We are particularly excited about NeoStem’s VSEL™ technology and believe that mutual collaboration between NeoStem and the Pontifical Council for Culture could lead to significant financial commitment to support VSEL™ technology research.”

Said Dr. Robin L. Smith, Chairman and CEO of NeoStem:

“For over 40 years, physicians have been using adult stem cells to treat various blood cancers, but only recently has the promise of using adult stem cells to treat a significant number of other diseases begun to be realized. There are tremendous clinical and economic advantages to autologous stem cell transplantation (receiving your own stem cells) as there are no issues with immune rejection. Engraftment with your own stem cells is faster, safer and much less costly than receiving someone else’s stem cells (allogeneic)…Providing critical support to drive research and therapy efforts, this commitment is a milestone for the field of regenerative medicine,””

Read more and note that not one human being has benefited from any kind of embryonic stem cell treatment, ever (and any limited success in animal studies is tainted by the cells’ propensity to become cancerous or form deadly tumors and cysts).

These new partners will work on a variety of activities including a 3 day International Conference on adult stem cell research at the Vatican. Please, tell me again how the Catholic Church is anti stem cell research, is stuck in the middle ages and hates science. What the Church hates is creating, using and destroying human life in the name of science. The advancement of that kind of research is not progress, but a threat for man and for the world (Spe Salvi, 22).

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