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On the radio yesterday I heard two commercials, back to back, for Planned Parenthood promoting “sexual health” by advertising their contraceptive services and the morning after pill.

Health? Really? Ladies, a normally functioning reproductive cycle is not a health problem. If you have sex and get pregnant, it doesn’t mean that something went wrong; it means that something went beautifully and fundamentally right!

Is it just me, or do we live in the most backwards society in the history of the world? Fertility is not an abnormal medical condition and babies are not STDs. Ovulation and pregnancy are perfectly natural, healthy, good things!

Want to do something really sexually healthy? Try not having multiple partners and possibly, eventually multiple heartaches and/or diseases. Try holding out for real love and intimacy…the kind that can only be found and fostered in marriage. Try inviting God – who is love – to be with you and then consciously renew your wedding vows (which, if you’re Catholic, includes openness to life) with the language of your bodies.

Sexual intercourse meant to be a communion of persons. The healthiest and most fulfilling sex possible comes only when husband and wife delve into the mystery of the other person (mind, body and soul) and, in naked honesty, surrender themselves to one another, and receive one another, unreservedly – withholding nothing, not even their fertility. Far from being a mere act of physical gratification, sex is meant to be an experience between husband and wife that leads them into the inner life of the Trinity where they participate in the very life and love of God.

How healthy the whole world would be if this great truth was embraced and lived out in every marriage!

Have a serious reason for avoiding pregnancy? Not only is NFP more effective, but it upholds the beauty and sanctity of the female body…instead of manipulating and transforming it.

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