TOB Tuesday: Desire’s True Light

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This is a really nice post from Brian Killian exploring the two different experiences of sexual desire:

Sexual desire can propel us upward, or it can pull us down. When it ascends to heaven it is good and holy and fulfilling, but when it drags us down it is degrading and leads to a fall.

This fall can be called many things: lust, concupiscence, disordered desire. But when desire aims for its true target, the result is unity. This unity is a moral unity, the ‘oneness’ sought by love. It’s objective, suggestive, and bonding.

Read more and check out Brian’s new blog, Nuptual Mystery, which is dedicated to exploring the mystery of that unique relationship that exists between married men and women, as well as the more general issues of chastity, eros, etc. that affect everyone.

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One Comment on “TOB Tuesday: Desire’s True Light”

  1. Thanks for this post, Chelsea. I think there is a common misunderstanding that lust is merely sexual desire, and that misunderstanding leads to the conclusion that because the Catholic Church teaches against lust, that it is against sexual desire. The distinction between ordered sexual desire and disordered sexual desire is crucial.

    God bless,

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