Still No Human Trials for ESCR!

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Earlier this year the drug developer Geron Corp. announced that it was given FDA approval to begin the first trial of an embryonic stem cell treatment in humans. But alas, the FDA reversed its decision this week:

Geron said the Food and Drug Administration is reviewing new data from studies of the therapy, called GRNOPC1, on animals. The company plans to start testing its product on humans this summer, but that testing will be delayed during the FDA’s review. Geron said it will work with the FDA, and did not estimate how long the review will take.

This is good news! The more we can delay the progression of this unethical and immoral science the better. Meanwhile, ethical stem cells continue to kick butt and outperform – in animals as well as many humans. Full speed ahead!

8 Comments on “Still No Human Trials for ESCR!”

  1. Three points.

    1. This is a non-story. Human medical trials get delayed, re-reviewed, and changed in progress by FDA all the time.

    2. We need to study human ESC for BASIC-SCIENCE reasons. To understand HOW the cells sense their environment and modify themselves accordingly.

    3. If you didn’t already know 1 and 2, then you are not qualified to write AT ALL about ANY medical issue. You don’t know enough of the basics for your opinion to mean anything.

  2. This is a story because of the hype surrounding ESCR by the mainstream media – and the fact that most people believe that ESCs have already been used to treat human patients.

    And, yes, I have written on this blog multiple times about the fact that scientists want to use this research to study the development of different diseases and also to test pharmaceuticals on them – or just for general scientific curiosity. BUT, that is not how this research is marketed to the general public. When ESCR is promoted – in the media and in campaigns like Missouri’s pro-cloning “research and cures” initiative in 2006 which I was heavily involved in – it’s touted as a something that will be used for transplantation and tissue regeneration to treat and cure any and every disease known to man – not a tool to study cell development and test drugs. On that note, I also did mention here that the Geron clinical trial would not consist in the direct infusion of human embryonic stem cells, but of neurons derived from ESCs

    Also, I understand perfectly the basics of this science – that it involves the use and destruction of nascent human life, making it unethical, period, and no real advancement for human-kind.

  3. OC, Chelsea appears to understand the basic, secular, scientific fact that human embryos are human beings — which puts her one up on you.

  4. bmmg39, you are a moron. How many times have you seen me argue that embryos are human beings, but that abortion should be legal ANYWAY because abortion on demand is JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE? At least fifty times, by now.

  5. Yeah, everyone in bioscience exaggerates the immediate clinical value of their work. That’s part of the job-description. And ESC people are not the worst offenders. Gene therapy people and dementia specialists are very much worse.

    If you are not aware of this already, that’s ANOTHER reason you should not be opining on the subject.

    “Stupid is a pre-existing condition”–Bill Maher

  6. Dear Chelsea,

    Excellent post. It isn’t only the hype that is the associated with embyronic stem cell research, but it is the dangers…dangers in clinical trials with realistic threats of teratomas and dangers for public health and safety associated with reckless research. Check out this video link:

    I am very impressed with your insight and intelligence in this matter.


  7. Thanks Biran and “watchdog”!

    OC – just because “everyone is doing it” doesn’t mean it’s right. And please, no more name calling or personal attacks or I will not approve any more of your comments.

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