Adult Stem Cell “Potential”

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GRRRrrrr! From FoxNews – “Promising Research: Stem Cell Breakthrough May Eliminate Need for Embryos”

Yes, I understand that the story is specifically about iPS cells and I am happy to see a mainstream media story about “promising stem cell research” that does not involve the killing of tiny human beings. But when Bill Hemmer asked “how great do we believe scientifically the potential for using adult stem cells could be?” I was just wishing, for once, that the correspondent reporting on the story would have acknowledged that ASCs are also successfully being used right now in many clinical trials and human patient treatments and without having to be reverted to an embryonic-like state. Sure, there’s no “miracle” cures like what’s been promised with ESCs, but it’s not as if these are small or insignificant medical advancements, as I explain here, for example.

I know, I know, talk about false hope, right? But this is becoming a major pet peeve of mine.

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