Pro Life T-Shirt Day

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Pro life t-shirt dayApril 24 is National Pro Life T-Shirt Day so now is a good time to start organizing your youth groups or other church/pro-life groups to order t-shirts for that day. My goal is to get it into our public high school here. The Catholic high-school is doing it, but I think it will make the most impact at the public school. The T-Shirt Day website has a lot of helpful information for anyone organizing it at a public school including a link to a letter from the Thomas More Law Center, written for school administrators about students’ free speech rights in school and advise on what to do if harassed. This is a great way to show your committment to fight for the rights of the unborn and to be witness to others.

If you do happen to participate in National Pro Life T-Shirt Day please send me pictures of you, your friends, your church group, or students wearing the t-shirts at school or out in public and I will post them on this website.

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