Someone I Could Vote For…Finally!

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sam_brownback.jpgI have had about enough of this Giuliani, McCain business!! Sen. Sam Brownback has begun the process to become a Republican presidential candidate in 2008. He is pro-life and pro-family and makes that a priority in his decision making: “There is a real need in our country to rebuild the family and renew our culture and there is a need for genuine conservatism and real compassion in the national discussion.” He not only votes pro-life but he introduces his own pro-life legislation, most notably a bill that would ban all forms of human cloning. I like this man and I pray that conservatives will have the confidence and the courage to stand up for the values that this country was founded on and elect someone who reflects those values. If you can think of any other possible candidates please let me know!

For more information visit: Brownback for President and Senator Brownback’s voting record,

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