Another Wrongful Birth “Victory”

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In New Zealand:

parents of a child with spina bifida could receive an ACC payout after successfully arguing they were denied the chance to abort their daughter.

Doctors missed signs of the defect in the foetus during a 20-week scan.

The couple said they would have terminated the pregnancy had they known the daughter, who was born in 2007, had spina bifida.

In a decision released today, the Court of Appeal ruled that the couple, who have name suppression, suffered a personal injury because of the misdiagnosis.

The case would now return to the district court.

The mother claims that, “In no way are we saying we don’t want her now.” But they are effectively saying that they regret the fact that she is alive, that they weren’t given a chance to kill her. Gross. This ruling is not a victory for anyone; it is very much a loss for all mankind.

Though it comes in varying degrees, some cases more severe than others, Spina bifida, by and large, is a very livable condition. My first roommate in rehab after my accident was a young woman with spina bifida. She was the happiest, most full of life chick I’ve ever met and her love for life influenced me greatly, helping me more easily adjust to life with a major disability.

Spina bifida should not be a death sentence for anyone — in or out of the womb. These “wrongful birth” lawsuits make me sick — almost as sick as the eugenic abortions, themselves.

[editor’s note: the little girl in this photo is not the little girl who’s parents are involved in this awful lawsuit. Just an image of a child with spina bifida I found on Google.]

4 Comments on “Another Wrongful Birth “Victory””

  1. Thanks for the story, Chelsea. It’s a heart-breaking situation. What kind of love and support will this young child get at home with parents who think like this?

  2. So sad for that beautiful child that she has such parents. What is the difference between aborting a helpless fetus w/a disability, or killing those that acquire similar disabilities during their lifetimes? The parents thinking is so wrong and so misguided.

  3. Boy does this hit home, as we have children with cystic fibrosis and know that people kill them in utero all the time. I remember another story just like this one, where the child has CF. People don’t want to show off their prize children with defects they created (so they think). All Wrong.

  4. You shouldn’t see it from one side. Taking care of a child with disabilities that were never for seen or could have been prevent if known is financially bank breaking. Add in any other children and your in debt up to your eye balls. I don’t think it’s fair how you judge these families, they would never gave up their child and love them. This could be a way to put their kids through college or pay for a transplant they’ll need one day who are you to judge. I am a parent that would do ANYTHING for their children, regardless of what the world thinks if it could save their life one day. Wouldn’t you?

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