ASCs Treat Spinal Cord Injury…Again

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I know I haven’t been reporting the latest in adult stem cell research/treatment as much as I used to. Believe me, good things are still happening. For example (h/t Jivin J):

PENSACOLA, Fla. — Tara Blackwell graduated from Pine Forest High School, she was a star athlete. During a college softball tournament, she did a flip and broke her neck, leaving her paralyzed.

She went to Germany in August. Adult stem cells were taken from her bone marrow and injected into her spine. She says she’s starting to have feeling in her legs.

Tara Blackwell told FOX10 News, “They inserted 9,000 stem cells into my spine. I can feel my left thigh, and what’s really weird when I itch my right shoulder, I can feel it in my hip.

A small sensation means the world to her. Tara believes one day she will walk. Tara plans on going back to Germany. She says she’s heard stories of people walking again after the treatment.

This is not the first time adult stem cells have been successfully used in persons with spinal cord injury either. See:
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Stem Cells Treat Spinal Cord Injury…Again
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Spinal cord patients are also benefiting from other therapies not related to stem cell research:
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The next time you hear “people with spinal cord injury” listed under those whose “only hope” of ever walking again depends on research that destroys nascent human life, don’t believe it. Obviously they’re not exactly cures yet, but when it comes to treating SCI, ASCs are way ahead of embryonic.

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