Stem Cells Treating Spinal Cord Injury!!

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Here is a story that hits close to home for me. A Michigan woman, paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident, has been traveling to Russia for adult stem cell therapy that is helping her regain feeling and movement:

The stem cells are drawn from Rummelt’s own blood and separated in a special machine. Then they are injected into her spinal fluid. Three trips and six injections later Rummelt can use her hip-flexers to crawl. A considerable feat, after not being able to move the lower half of her body for years.

“I had no feeling, no sensation, if my leg fell I had no idea at all,” said Rummelt. With therapy Rummelt grows stronger everyday she can even stand. And she can actually feel pain in her foot, five years post injury.

The video is amazing!

It is disappointing that this story is not found anywhere else. Any treatment that gives feeling and movement back to a patient with a complete spinal cord injury 5 years later is truly a medical breakthrough. This simply does not happen. There are currently no treatments, therapies or medications that help “improve” complete SCIs. When a friend of mine gives talks on the subject she compares the spinal cord to a telephone wire. Through it the brain communicates to the rest of the body and vice versa. A spinal cord injury would be like taking scizzors and cutting that telephone wire. Once the spinal cord is damaged enough in a certain spot the communication is cut off completely never to be returned again. Never, until now, that is – and it’s happening with ADULT stem cells!!! This should be shouted from the rooftops!

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Read about NeuroVita Clinic where this treatment is being done.

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