TOB Tuesday: Sex in the Intergalactic Future

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troi.pngI recently came across a post on Catholic sci-fi author John C. Wright’s blog titled Theology of the Body, Rishathra and the Cyberpope and, of course, I had to share it here. It was a response to one of Wright’s readers who asked:

Considering the normal problems that one would have with producing offspring with another species, one wonders that in the Star Trek world, sex would actually be encouraged with aliens since there’s almost no chance of procreation.

What I found most interesting and humorous was not so much the answer from Wright himself, but all the people in the combox having a serious conversation about inter-species sex in space. It sort of reminded me of the part in Mallrats when Brodie and TS are debating whether or not Lois Lane could ever have Superman’s baby.


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  1. It kind of makes me wonder if in the people of 500 years from now will make fun of us for discussing whether or not men can have sexual intercourse with aliens. I’m thinking of this in the same way that modern scoffers laugh at the men of the medieval age for asking how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. There are two differences that I can think of (three if you count that it is two different branches of philosophy):
    1) We have no actual evidence of aliens and no particular reason to believe that they may or may not exist, whereas we at least have the evidence of revelation concerning angels
    2) We have little if any evidence that the medievals actually did have this infamous debate, whereas we know that this discussion is happening in the comboxes at Mr Wright’s site.

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