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Women from all over the world are joining Hands Off Our Ovaries in an attempt to halt egg harvesting for research: “Women everywhere, from the US to Korea to Australia, are organizing to demand that their health not be sacrificed in the pursuit of scientific stardom, patents, and the quest for new technologies that may […]

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I am proud to say that I am a member of Missouri Farm Bureau. Apparently this news release came out Sept. 22 and, not surprisingly, the media has completely ignored it. Missouri Farm Bureau Board of Directors Votes to Oppose Amendment #2 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 22, 2006 For more information, contact: Missouri Farm Bureau […]

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THIS IS AN URGENT CONGRESSIONAL ALERT FROM THE NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE COMMITTEE IN WASHINGTON, D.C. WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate will conduct a do-or-die vote on one of the most important pro-life bills ever to come before the Congress — the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA) — as early as Friday, September 29. […]

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So I have heard about this priest, but I have never met him. Fr. Esswein is a priest in the Archdiocese of St. Louis who is also a quadraplegic. A friend of mine went to a Mass that he was celebrating and said he did a phenomenal job speaking about stem cell research. The St. […]

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We have been blessed here in Missouri to have Archbishop Raymond Burke as the head of the St. Louis Archdiocese. Many of you will remember that in 2004 he was very outspoken against pro-choice Catholic politicians. Now he is an outpoken critic of Amendment 2. Below is the intro to an article he wrote in […]

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A friend of mine emailed me this letter from Rachel MacNair. It’s nice and easy to understand – and worth reading, especially if you find yourself having to defend your position against embryonic stem cell research and Amendment 2. Amendment 2: A Big Business Power Grab With millions of dollars, Big Business is running ads […]

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Alright, so I had to comment on this. The University of Missouri is going to start distributing free condoms in the bathrooms of their residence halls. “The condoms will be placed in baskets in all dormitory bathrooms together with wallet-sized educational packets.” And why are they doing this? Because, let’s face it, “People are having […]

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Researchers from the University of Missouri were able to isolate adult stem cells from blood that can be turned into five types of cells. One of the main arguments in favor of embryonic stem (ES) cell research is that ES cells are pluripotent, that is, they are able to become any number of different cells. […]

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You know I bet some businesses would pay me money to do this for them. I did this in 2004 with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker. Missouri Right to Life made these great bumper stickers, unfortunately they were just a little too long for the back of my wheelchair, so I had to improvise a little. […]

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I finally finished the op-ed I was asked to write a few months ago and submitted it to a few papers around the state. We’ll see if any of them pick it up. Here’s a little excerpt: This amendment is nothing more than an attack on human life at its greatest frailty, when it is […]

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