Father Michael Esswein

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So I have heard about this priest, but I have never met him. Fr. Esswein is a priest in the Archdiocese of St. Louis who is also a quadraplegic. A friend of mine went to a Mass that he was celebrating and said he did a phenomenal job speaking about stem cell research. The St. Louis Review recently wrote an article about his position on Amendment 2:

“Father Esswein also stressed that the debate on stem-cell research gives way for the argument that all human life is sacred. He has used Scripture as a basis for that argument, noting that God himself has put a “stamp of approval” on human life by sending his Son to earth as a human being, beginning at its earliest stage.

“For me, Jesus could have come at any point,” Father Esswein said. “He could have just showed up on the scene as an adult human being.

“But he didn’t. He was conceived, and he went through every stage of human life like we did. He was an embryo at one point, and that again highlights the fact that all of human life is sacred.”

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