JP II: Spiritual Father to All

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On this fourth anniversary of the death of our beloved Papa, JP II, I was going to post this video (h/t American Papist), but then I found this one which relates to this blog a little bit better: JP II so beautifully embraced his vocation as spiritual father to all the children of the world. He wasn’t just an opponent … Read More

Terri’s Day

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Today is “Terri’s Day,” the fourth anniversary of the starvation death of Terri Schiavo: Statement from the Schindler family today: Four years ago today Terri Schiavo died. By the order of Judge George W. Greer, Terri died a slow barbaric death by starvation and dehydration over a period of almost two weeks. We have been posting stories of the events … Read More

The Miracle of Life

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I’m sure this is not new, but I recently came across this beautiful video on the miracle of human life from Catholic Media House:

Virtual Abortion Holocaust Memorial

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Georgia Right to Life has launched a virtual memorial wall to remember the almost 50 MILLION unborn children murdered since the legalization of abortion in America. It was inspired by the Vietnam Memorial which, with 58,000 names, is 500 feet long. According to this story, a similar wall displaying all of the abortion victim’s names would measure 81 miles in … Read More

Duggar’s Welcome Child #18

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In total defiance of modern society, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have entrusted their entire “quiver” to God and just welcomed their 18th child – girl Jordyn. Below is an excerpt I posted last year from Our Sunday Visitor Editor Gerald Korson’s humorous take on society’s view of large families: Here’s how society’s perception of family size appears from our … Read More

Safe and Legal…Heroin???

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I could not believe my eyes when I read this story. I used this exact scenario once as a hypothetical against the “abortion is so much better when it’s ‘safe and legal’” argument. I never dreamed that it would actually happen one day: GENEVA (AP) – Dr. Daniele Zullino keeps glass bottles full of white powder in a safe in … Read More

Thank God for New Life!

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The birth of new human life is always an amazing blessing upon the earth and this year has been filled with many of these new blessings to be thankful for! Two of my best friends from grade school and high school had baby boys a few months apart from each other. First came Ryan in June: And then Kale in … Read More

Today’s Struggle for Human Rights

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As today is the anniversary of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. be sure to read Mark Pickup’s post (written on MLK day) about the late activist and the continuation of his fight for the rights of all human beings. The Kennedy’s may be America’s aristocrats but the King’s are America’s nobility. In keeping with the noble calling of … Read More

A Perfect Pro-Life Prayer

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Last week’s Our Sunday Visitor had an excellent article (subscribers only) on the Angelus prayer and its possible contribution to the “pro-life arsenal.” The Angelus is a prayer typically repeated three times a day – 6 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. – recalling the conception and birth of Jesus Christ. Says OSV: As people pray the Angelus, perhaps they will … Read More

Election Thoughts…

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A Hillary, Obama or McCain Presidency is not a win for anyone, but it would have been more of a loss if dedicated pro-lifers had set aside their principles in order to avoid either one. I was impressed with the resilience of the pro-life voters who, after being ridiculed and criticized over the past year for their unfair and irrational … Read More