GMO Inconsistency

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As the FDA considers allowing genetically engineered children, I’m reminded of this meme I came across several months ago illustrating the split personality that many progressives have about genetically modified organisms. See: Genetic Modification: Bad for Cows and Corn, but Okay for Humans?

FDA Considers Allowing Genetically Modified Children

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This week the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) met to discuss allowing the creation of human beings with three genetic parents to proceed to clinical trials. That is, whether to allow human “three-parent embryos” to be implanted and possibly grow to term. There are currently two different techniques for manufacturing three-parent embryos, the purpose of which is to combat mitochondrial … Read More

UK to Possibly Be First to Offer “Three-Parent” IVF

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After roughly a year of polling the British public about it (because naturally that’s the best way to determine all serious ethical questions involving complicated human biotechnology), last week the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, announced that the British government’s health department is drafting regulations in order to start offering “three-parent” IVF treatments in order to combat mitochondrial … Read More

Life on Film: Gattaca

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Life TV has released a new episode of Life on Film. This time Brendan, Chelsea and Tim talk about Gattaca, which deals with genetic engineering. For more on Gattaca and how, 15 years later, the sci-fi thriller is fast becoming our reality, be sure to check out: Gattaca, Cloud Atlas and the Human Future

HuffPo on The British Embryo Authority and the Chamber of Eugenics

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A must-read at the Huffington Post: Scene: A laboratory setting. A scientist begins constructing a new individual by combining parts from two different humans. A new part from one or two additional people is then added. At some point, an electric shock is administered. The scientist observes the composite for a few moments, looking for signs that it is on … Read More

Three Parent Embryos: Modifying Future Generations

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Rebecca Taylor has an article in the National Catholic Register about scientists experimenting with three-parent embryos to try to combat mitochondrial disease: The Catholic Church is clear that somatic gene therapy, non-inheritable genetic engineering in one individual for therapeutic reasons, is a moral good. But the Church draws a clear line between somatic and germ-line gene therapy. Dignitas Personae, the … Read More

Gattaca, Cloud Atlas and the Human Future

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I’ve talked here before about how science fiction is not so fictional anymore, even when it comes to human cloning. Lately, some other, smarter people have also been taking notice. First, over at the American Spectator, Daniel Allott takes a look at the movie Gattaca and how, 15 years later, the sci-fi thriller is fast becoming our reality: In Gattaca’s … Read More

Studying Embryonic Stem Cells for…Space Travel?

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I’ve told you many times that, though they may be sold to the public as necessary for the future curing of every major disease known to man, scientists want to, and indeed are using embryonic stem cells for many other reasons. For example: A team of researchers in Australia simulated zero-gravity on earth in order to test how embryonic stem … Read More