I Will Be a Voice…Will You?

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As I mentioned yesterday, the longer the right to Life is excluded from American politics, the closer we come to losing our other rights and liberties. So far over 50 MILLION unborn children have been legally killed in our country – how much more blood needs to be shed before we finally say, ENOUGH?!

In this Susan B. Anthony List award-winning video, 12 year old self-proclaimed “abortion Holocaust survivor” Anthony Matzke challenges YOU to “be a voice” for the voiceless (h/t Inflated Tires):

Recent polling shows that, for the first time in 30 years, a majority of Americans consider themselves “pro-life.” Imagine the impact if all of these people actually acted on these so-called pro-life beliefs.

BTW, I am LOVING these little pro-lifers! The SBA video contest that the above video won was inspired by 12 year old Lia Mills who I told you about this February. Then there was this video from pro-life super-couple Jack and Charmaine Yoest‘s daughter Helena after she was harassed at school for wearing a pro-life t-shirt. See more videos from pro-life youth.

Pray that these young people remain inspired and engaged!

One Comment on “I Will Be a Voice…Will You?”

  1. Let us pray…. Heavenly Father, we ask that you guide and protect these young prophets of life, that the may continue to grow up loving you and loving life. May their witness transform our world. Amen.

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