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Lesson learned: a non-recovery, anemic economy is “good enough” to win if you are a good campaigner — a good, extremely negative campaigner. Oh, and women want free birth control something fierce.
I can’t honestly say that I’m surprised at the outcome of the election, but I’m still disappointed — in my country, in general, but in my gender, specifically. To borrow a line from Pia de Solenni, we’ve come a long way, baby, so far, in fact, that we’re further back than when we started — we are, once again, seen as nothing more than “lady parts.” We used to call that denial.

I also have to say that it makes me incredibly sad, sick and scared to see anyone, but especially women, whose very souls are meant to be maternal, cheering the election of a man who has unapologetically supported infanticide.

Joanne K. McPortland has more on this year’s “women vote” (that’s where I got the title of this post from).

Well, at least suicide lost in MA. That’s something, right?


Jesus, I trust in you.

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