The Petty Concerns of American Feminists

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Regarding the recent attempted murder of a 14 year old girl in Pakistan for daring to promote the rights of all girls to become educated, Ken Connor writes:

This is the terrifying reality facing women across the Muslim world, yet amidst the hubbub of Election 2012 this story is barely making the news cycle. Planned Parenthood is too busy ginning up panic over the prospect of a Romney-Ryan victory in November, and Code Pink is preoccupied with their campaign to “wage peace, not war” with a despotic and dangerous Iran. For some strange reason, American feminists don’t seem all that bothered by the fact that in many countries Muslim women are treated as second class citizens – mere chattels in a male dominated society. They are divorced with impunity, routinely abused, killed for breaches of honor, beaten for being in the company of men who are not their husbands, and in some cases subjected to excruciatingly painful and humiliating genital mutilation. They are shot on their school buses while their friends and classmates look on in fear and horror.

By comparison, American women are the freest, most empowered women on the face of the planet. They are CEOs, professional athletes, government officials, political pundits. They are also snarky bloggettes who make a living fabricating misogynistic bogies out of thin air. Instead of directing their time and energy to issues that could use their support and attention – like the plight of women suffering under the boot of Muslim extremism – the majority of American feminists choose to focus on comparatively petty concerns. They want Uncle Sam to force their employer to pay for their birth control. They want abortion on demand and subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

I wasn’t going to bring this whole thing up again, but Connor’s column really spoke to my frustration with these women and the media’s love affair with them. It’s bad enough that women to want to deny their femininity in the first place by suppressing their fertility and killing their unborn children, but to insist that the public must pay for these things otherwise it’s some kind of violation of our “rights” is, quite frankly, embarrassing to me as a fellow American woman and insulting to women who really are victims of oppressive and inhumane regimes.

If anything even remotely resembles a “war on women” in this country, it’s our pornified culture (which contraception and abortion help advance, by the way) and its sexualization of young girls. That’s where the efforts of American feminists should primarily be focused. (warning: brief nudity)

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