Conservatives to Republicans: Stand Up for Your Values!

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jillstanek.jpgJill Stanek, from World Net Daily, reports that perhaps election day was not really a set back for pro-lifers. The problem, in fact, was our pro-life, republican leaders going silent on the issues that are important the conservatives who put/kept them in office in 2004:

“While Democrats boldly promoted embryonic experimentation, decried parental notification, and argued that privacy ranked higher than rape, Republicans cowered. Missouri’s Jim Talent wimped on human cloning. South Dakota’s John Thune went silent on the abortion ban.”

Even Sen. Rick Santorum, whose praises I always sing, threw his support to Arlen Specter, the pro-abortion Republican, in 2004, over his pro-life challenger.

“Conservatives could have handed Republicans no more silver a platter in 2004 to serve us back what we elected them for, but they squandered it. Incredibly, this Senate confirmed the fewest judges in 30 years. No Child Pain Awareness Act. No Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act.”

One also can’t ignore the amount of corruption that was uncovered in the Republican Party. As conservatives we realize that man is not perfect, particularly politicians, but we do expect our representatives to reflect and support those values that we hold dear. Of course, there are other factors in this outcome, most notably the war in Iraq and government spending, but the fact still remains that on the issues that matter most:

“Republicans simply have not had the courage to defy the mainstream media and follow their principles. For the Republicans to have consistent electoral success and govern well, they must transform themselves from a Bush party of New Age conservatism to a Reagan party of true, classical liberalism.”

From: S.T. Karnick, New Age Conservatism

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