Caution: Some of Your Favorite Products May Be Morally Tainted

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Rebecca Taylor writes:

Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey has introduced a bill to Oklahoma’s state legislature that has caused quite a stir. SB 1418 says it would ban any product for human “consumption” that contains aborted human fetal tissue or where the research or development of any of the ingredients required the use of aborted fetal tissue.

Now, currently, there are no aborted fetuses in any food products. But some pundits interpret “consumption” in this bill to mean not just food products, but any product humans “consume” like drugs, vaccines, treatments, or even beauty products.

In the national response to SB 1418, the jokes about Soylent Green abound, and those from all political persuasions mocked Shortey as an idiot with nothing better to do than invent problems and waste tax payer money.

When Shortey suggested that his bill was not simply about aborted fetuses in the food supply, but about companies using cells and tissues from aborted human beings to test or develop various chemicals, drugs or therapies, one angry commenter on the Huffington Post retorted, “What companies? Name them. If you can’t, then this is the rantings of a paranoid delusional­.”


Please, please read the rest as she outlines several companies that currently use cell lines derived from aborted children to test and develop their products and how, outrageously, we have no way of knowing for sure when any of the products we buy have been developed in this way.

At the very least, products should be labeled When based on cells from abortions – though, really, the whole practice of using cells from children killed by elective abortion should not be legal.

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