Another Patron Saint for Drug Addicts?

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St. Maximilian Kolbe is typically considered the patron saint of drug addicts/against addiction and Venerable Matt Talbot is also frequently called on to help those with addiction, but St. Mark Ji Tianxiang might be worth praying to for help as well.
I’ve never heard of him until I read this article recently. St. Mark is one of the Chinese martyrs and, apparently, for the last 30 years of his life he was barred from receiving the sacraments because he was an opium addict.

It doesn’t sound like he was totally freed from addiction before he was martyred, but he tried and always prayed that he would be, so I’m sure he’d be a great intercessor for others who want freedom.

Deacon Greg Kandra delivered a wonderful homily in September about St. Mark and how, as the saying goes, a saint is just a sinner who keeps on trying. His memorial is on July 9, with the other Chinese martyrs.

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4 Comments on “Another Patron Saint for Drug Addicts?”

  1. I just happened to look at this blog for no particular reason – it’s been a a hell of a few weeks and I am so, so sick of myself (again) and my addiction. I share Mark’s baptismal name – it is truly God’s grace that has lead me here tonight – please pray for me

  2. God bless you , you are in my prayers . My son also shares your name , he is 23 and a heroin and meth addict , please pray for him . If I ever win the lottery I will open a free rehab where addicts will be treated w love and respect . Do not give up , love and prayers , Tish

  3. I cannot believe that after myself and my mother got home from Mass last night i found this saint online, and as some1 praying constantly for help with addiction, just finishing a novena to St. Benedict, patron of mine, i found Mark whose feast day is also today.Hope i can find a prayer for him now, and the addict above you will get better, i’m 3 years of heroin as a result of Divine Mercy, i’m on a small amount of methadone and need the prayers of the saints to help put the nail in the coffin. God Bless all

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