The Sanctity of Married Life

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joachimanne-small.jpgSince I didn’t do a TOB Tuesday post yesterday:

The sanctity of married life is not something that takes place alongside of marriage, but by and through marriage. The vocation to marriage is a vocation to happiness, which comes through holiness and sanctity. Unity of two in one flesh is not something that God tolerates, but something that He wills. Because He wills it, He sanctifies the couple through its use. Instead of diminishing in any way the union of their spirits with one another, it contributes to their ascension in love. The union of two in one flesh is the symbol of the union of their souls, and both in turn are a symbol of the union of Christ and His Church.
-Fulton Sheen, Three to Get Married

Finally getting around to reading this book. It’s definitely a must read for engaged couples or anyone who wants to get married someday.

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  1. You can’t go wrong with Archbishop Sheen. I love the phrase “ascension in love”. It’s exactly what marriage is supposed to be, as well as what our relationship with God is supposed to be. Awesome!

    Thanks for posting.


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