TOB Tues.: To Love is to Create Anew

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creation.pngLove this:

The pope’s interpretation of Genesis rings true to our experience: To know love is to be created anew. By the same token, to love others is, in a sense, to create them in our turn. After all, to love someone isn’t just to appreciate his good qualities; it is to rejoice in his very being in the first place. To love is to say: “It is good that you exist!” Just as God declared that his creation was “very good” after having fashioned man, so, too, when we affirm our loved ones we are sharing in God’s work of giving them existence.

That’s another excerpt from Called to Love. I’m really enjoying this book. Up till now, I’ve really only “studied” TOB from Christopher West. And I’m not at all disappointed with anything that I’ve learned from him or how he’s presented it, but it is nice to hear a different voice – a different way of speaking the language of the Theology of the Body, nonetheless…

2 Comments on “TOB Tues.: To Love is to Create Anew”

  1. Another excellent TOB resource is Fr. Brian Bransfield’s “The Human Person According to John Paul II.” I can’t recommend it enough!

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