“A Cellular Approach”

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Shhh…don’t tell the drug companies! Here is a news clip from the Journal of the American Medical Association about patients with auto immune diseases and cardiovascular disorders being treated with their own stem cells. From Dr. Richard Burt from Northwestern University Feinburg School of Medicine on the JAMA Report:

“It’s a whole new approach to these diseases, rather than just surgery or drugs. You can use a cellular approach that seems, in many different studies, to be benefiting the patient.”

The review of these treatments appears in this weeks publication of JAMA.

(a friend of mine emailed me this story after seeing it on Vital Signs)

2 Comments on ““A Cellular Approach””

  1. I am the CEO of a aseptic contract manufacturing company in Lexington, Kentucky; we have just secured a revolutionary method for filling injectable products.

    My company refuses to take on assignments from clients that use DNA, proteins, etc as API’s that come from an aborted child, which causes an uproar in the boitech community as you must know.

    Would like to dicuss how we might support each other in the cause of medical research in perfect concert with the cause for Christ.

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