Every human life has value.

Good grief! Last week ROSS DOUTHAT wrote a widely circulated column in the NY Times about the “unborn paradox.” How unborn life is so easily discarded on one hand and so desperately wanted on the other. Here we have a perfect example of this paradox in one couple. An Australian couple had the twin boys they were carrying killed because…well, because they were boys. The couple already has three boys, but their daughter died shortly after birth. They are now demanding that science provide them with another baby girl and they will stop at nothing. From the article:

They are both aged in their 30s and have taken their case to a legal tribunal after an independent medical body known as the Patient Review Panel rejected their bid to choose the gender of their next child using IVF.

The couple said they had made the decision to terminate the twin boys but could not continue to have unlimited numbers of children.

The unidentified woman conceived her three boys naturally and said she loves her sons but would do anything to have a daughter.

Her husband, who also cannot be identified, said: ‘After what we have been through we think we are due for a bit of luck.

‘We know we definitely won’t be replacing her in any way, but want the chance to have the baby girl we don’t have.’

‘We think it’s our right to have a chance to do it. It’s ridiculous that sex selection is illegal, actually.’

Me, me, me! I want! It’s my right! Who cares about the rights of the children we are manufacturing and destroying at will?

And so, friends, this has been another episode of “The Culture of Death” brought to you by The Magesterium of Me – God help us.

January 11th, 2011 at 2:04 pm
3 Responses to “Seeking a Girl, Couple Has Unborn Twin Boys Killed”
  1. 1
    Gina Says:

    I’m actually sick to my stomach. I guess I just like to pretend that these type is horrific justifications for abortion don’t really happen. There is never a justified reason to end an unborn babies life.

  2. 2
    Chelsea Says:

    Gina: “There is never a justified reason to end an unborn babies life.”

    No, just as there is never a justified reason to begin one in a lab dish. Speaking of rights: A human being has the right to be conceived under his or her mother’s heart.

  3. 3
    Bob Says:

    Absolutely unconscionable.