Babies for Boxer??

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After an exchange like this one (from 1999) Sen. Barbara Boxer sure has some nerve using babies in her re-election campaign:

Does this woman have a sick, near religious devotion to abortion or what? She can’t even bring herself to renounce the barbaric practice of partially delivering babies in order to suck their brains out or proceeding with the killing after they accidentally “slip out”. It’s no wonder Planned Parenthood hopes to raise and spend $1 million to get her elected to her fourth term (note: the pro-life Susan B. Anthony’s List is planning on contributing the same amount to Boxer’s challenger, Carly Fiorina, in the general election).

Babies for Boxer??? Babies with a death wish, maybe.

George Will has more on Sen. Boxer’s support for “slightly modified infanticide.”

One Comment on “Babies for Boxer??”

  1. It may seem like too much to hope for, but Fiorina might just knock her off. In fact, I believe she will.

    Boxer isn’t “pro-choice.” She’s an abortion enthusiast.

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