The Power to Cure?

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SanFranNanSpeaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi spoke on the House floor in favor of embryonic stem cell research and the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act that passed last week. In her comments she mentioned that:

Science is a gift of God to all of us and science has taken us to a place that is biblical in its power to cure and that is the embryonic stem cell research.

Yes, science is a great gift from God. Through it we have made incredible advancements in many areas. But an ethical line must be drawn defining what constitutes good, moral and ethical research and the destruction of human embryos for their stem cells crosses that line.

Now to Pelosi’s most ridiculous claim. Does ESC research have the power to cure? To date ESCs have not lead to any treatments, let alone cures – NONE! Yet speaker Pelosi talks about the benefits of ESC research as if they already exist today:

Every one of those families, every one of us, is one telephone call, one diagnosis away, from needing the benefits of embryonic stem cell research.

I can’t help but think that even those who are against this legislation today would want their family members, their child with diabetes, their husband with Parkinson’s, their father with Alzheimer’s, their mother with breast cancer, to have the benefit of stem cell research.

There is one word dominate her speech – hope. This is what it’s all about, giving hope to families. These families hoping for cures and treatments from stem cells should rather be shown the amazing results coming from research on adult stem cells. Instead, in the current political climate, they continue to be told that their last and greatest hope lies only in research that requires the destruction of embryonic human life. No cause, not even the high and noble goal of relieving or even eliminating human suffering is worth such a price.

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