Wonderful Pro-Life Tools!

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4-D Ultrasound ImageThe National Geographic Society recently released a brilliant book, In the Womb, depicting the wonder of fetal development with the help of some 3-D and 4-D ultrasound images. From the website: In the Womb is a week-by-week chronicle of the mysterious, magical progress from embryo to fetus to full-term infant. It was released sometime last year, but this is the first I’ve heard of it (thanks to LifeNews.com). It is based on National Geographic’s television program of the same name. I have that program on DVD and it is fabulous! The little details scientists are learning about human development in the womb are amazing. These would made excellent pro-life tools. I was planning on using the DVD for our pro-life table downtown on the 4th of July and now I am going to have to get the book too. The kids always love the fetal development models, so I think these pictures will be even better!

In the Womb book
In the Womb DVD

*A little heads up if you plan on watching the DVD with young children – they do conclude with a video of the birth, which naturally involves a certain level of nudity. Just so you’re not surprised by it…

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