You Are Not Alone

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From today’s first reading from Hebrews:

Because he [Jesus] himself was tested through what he suffered,
he is able to help those who are being tested.

This is certainly a source of hope for all who suffer. Though He may not always take away the sufferings that befall us, Christ will be there with us in the midst of them and give us the strength we need to live through them.

God cannot suffer, but he can suffer with. Man is worth so much to God that he himself became man in order to suffer with man in an utterly real way—in flesh and blood—as is revealed to us in the account of Jesus’s Passion. Hence in all human suffering we are joined by one who experiences and carries that suffering with us; hence con-solatio is present in all suffering, the consolation of God’s compassionate love—and so the star of hope rises. (Spe Salvi, 39)

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