Europe Rejects Surrogacy (Again)

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More good news from Europe: last month the Council of Europe’s Social Affairs and Health Committee voted against the draft report on surrogacy that proposed regulation of the practice rather than a full ban.

This comes just three months after the European Parliament approved a resolution condemning all forms of surrogacy as “reproductive exploitation and use of the human body for financial or other gain”.

No doubt Europe is under heavy pressure to allow surrogacy as the “Global Rent-A Womb Industry is Beginning to Crumble“.

Due to ethical concerns of exploitation, countries like Cambodia, India, Mexico, Thailand and others have restricted the practice by closing their doors to foreign and same-sex couples.

Unfortunately, without even so much as a whisper of a national conversation on the practice, America seems content to remain the “Wild West” of third party reproduction.

I spoke with Mike Allen a little bit about this on his radio show recently:

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