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brownback.jpgSen. Sam Brownback, seen here with his adopted daughter, is really getting serious about his presidential bid and we should be to! He is a real family man and a solid pro-life candidate. His only drawback right now is that he doesn’t have the money or the name recognition as the other GOP frontrunners. So he needs our help starting now. The next year and a half are going to go by quickly. Click here to contribute or join a coalition. Let’s start speading the word!

“I am an economic, a fiscal, a social and a compassionate conservative,” he said.

“I’m the one that has been there, is there and will be there in the future,” he added, a subtle dig at his potential rivals who are trying to claim the conservative mantle.

Positioning himself as the traditional values candidate, Brownback said his campaign’s main focus would be “to save and improve lives, rebuild families and renew the culture” in the United States that supports the institution of family.

“We don’t have enough family formation taking place in this country,” the father of five said. “We know the best place to raise children is between a mom and a dad. It’s not the only place, and you can raise great kids in many different settings, and people do, and they struggle heroically to do it.”

Pro-Life Senator Sam Brownback Says He’ll Win GOP Presidential Primary
Brownback for President

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