SAINT JP II, We Still Love You!

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Happy first feast day, papa!


ICYMI: earlier this year I talked to Mike Allen about how John Paul II helped lay the foundation for building a culture of life. We didn’t have time to cover everything, but I think we managed hit on several important points.

Click the play button below to listen to the show. I come on about 19 minutes past the hour.

For more, see JP II and the Culture of Life.

Saint JP II, pray for us!

2 Comments on SAINT JP II, We Still Love You!”

  1. Is that you in the picture? I miss him so much. Never had the blessing of meeting him. However I have a small Pieta that he blessed, which was given to me by Bishop Michael of Lubbock in 1986.

  2. What an awesome picture Chelsea! You could now be described as a third class relic … :). Love your site

    Pax Christi
    Greg Broussard

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