Congratulations Rebecca Taylor!

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I started this blog almost eight years ago as an extension of my pro-life apostolate. It was 2006 and Missouri was in the midst of a heated battle over human cloning, so I already had a special focus on biotechnology here from the beginning.

Cloning and stem cell research were both relatively new subjects to me at the time. I had only really been reading and talking about them for about a year before starting the blog, but it was quickly clear to me the tremendous impact they would have on the future of humanity.

rtaylor.jpgAbout the same time I was starting out, another blogger was emerging with a similar focus. Rebecca Taylor’s Mary Meets Dolly blog became an instant favorite of mine, opening my eyes to even more threats to human life that I had never considered, indeed never even heard of before.

It’s been almost a decade — nine for Rebecca — and she’s still at it, still educating people on these crucial matters, and she remains a constant source of inspiration and insight to me personally (have you seen the video series we started together?).

Over the years, she’s also been given opportunities to spread the word outside her own blog on other Catholic and pro-life publications, which is why I’m proud to share with you the news that Rebecca recently won first place in the “Best Regular Column – Culture, the Arts and Leisure” category at the Catholic Press Awards.

It is for her column on bioethics at the National Catholic Register. I’ve tried to link to all of her Register pieces as they’ve been published, but if you’ve missed any of them, here they are:

How Modern Eugenics Discounts Human Dignity

Human or Superhuman? Church Teaching on Genetic Engineering

Morally Tainted: Products Made Possible by the Killing of Innocent Human Life

The Church Is Not Backward, But Forward

Transhumanism: Taking the Place of Our Creator

Orphaned at Conception

Three-Parent Embryo: Modifying Future Generations

Genetically Modified Food: Bad; Genetically Modified Humans: Good

Entering the Bionic Age: Why Be You, When You Can Be New?

I share this news and these articles with you here not only because I’m so very happy for Rebecca and proud to count her as a good friend and colleague, but, as Rebecca herself noted, the more exposure we can give these “issues” (they’re really much more than that) the better. Sometimes it seems as though we’re screaming into a vacuum, even among pro-lifers.

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