What Really Happened at Komen

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komen-pp.pngWow. Austin Ruse has a fascinating, albeit very awful and sad, read at Crisis Magazine today with the inside scoop on what really happened during the Komen break from and immediate reconciliation with Planned Parenthood last year. He concludes, as most of us knew already:

What this whole mess shows abundantly is that the pro-choice wing of the Democratic Party cares more about abortion than saving women’s lives. The Komen grants of a few million dollars were a tiny drop in Planned Parenthood’s billion dollar bucket and the amount was immediately replaced by other donors. What this whole thing shows is what most of us have believed all along. In some profoundly strange way, to some abortion is a sacrament and all heretics to that orthodoxy are to be burned at the stake. Abortion über alles.

Read the whole thing!

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