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If you have read my “about me” page, you know that I was paralyzed in a car accident almost 7 years ago. I have always been a pro-life advocate, but recently I have found myself at the forefront of the stem cell research debate in this country as someone who could theoretically benefit from such research. After testifying at a senate judiciary committee hearing in the state of Missouri in favor of a ban on human cloning I have made it my goal to research and educate people about stem cell research and human cloning. The majority of this blog will be dedicated to right to life/bioethical information, otherwise I will comment on various matters of faith, politics, and whatever else may peak my interest on any given day.

Over the next month and a half I will be specifically focusing on Amendment 2, which will be voted on in Missouri this November. This amendment will create a constitutional right to clone and destroy human embryos for scientific research and I am working hard along with the Catholic Church and other churches and pro-life organizations across the state to try to fight it.

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  1. Hey Chelsea,
    I have to say, this is good stuff. (Your blogsite, not the articles…they are sad, scary, and infuriating.) The date is wacky on your posting…Dec 31, 1969…Your writing is fantastic. You have a writing style that is as good as any big-name national media-type, and better than most. My guess is that God will bless you in this endeavor, and you will have difficulties to overcome, as you are doing His work, and will be challenged. Keep it up, Keep the faith, and overcome any of those challenges if and when they rear their ugly heads. Once again, and not for the first time, your Aunt Laura and I are proud to have a niece like you. Much Love and looking forward to seeing you next month! Uncle Paul

  2. Hi, Chelsea!

    Nice blog you have going here. You can be a real asset in this debate, especially because so many make the “if YOU were the one in a wheelchair” argument, assuming that anyone with a serious condition will automatically agree with them. You are one of those demonstrating that this isn’t the case.

    Two things:

    1. I think the sixth line of your welcome is missing a word: “ban on human CLONING.”

    2. I have several allies who I think can help you out. If you’re interested in more details, please let me know. You have my e-mail address.

  3. Good stuff, Chelsea. I pray that the eyes of Missourians will be opened to the full truth of that proposed constitutional ammendment. You write lucidly and with inspiration. Keep it up!

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