Abortions in England

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Abortions were up 4% in England and Wales in 2006, especially among teenagers. What this suggests is that more women are using abortion as birth control since nearly one third of those who are having abortions have already had one before. The answer? Why, greater access to contraception, of course. That is the battle cry among so called “health professionals” … Read More

Unwilling to Be Selfless

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In a recent interview, singer Kelly Clarkson perfectly articulated the reason for the breakdown of the family in our society and therefore the breakdown of our society in general: “My point of view is that I shouldn’t be a mother at all, because I’d be horrible,” she confessed to Elle magazine. “I’m not willing to be that selfless.” We have … Read More

NFP vs. Contraception

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Alright, I am getting really behind here. The second and third installments of Fr. Euteneuer’s mini catechesis on contraception are out. This second topic addresses the misconception that natural family planning is just “Church approved birth control.” The third topic regards the myth of overpopulation. A few words on NFP and contraception. First, it is important to remember that for … Read More

Contraception Prevents Abortion, Doesn’t It?

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Not so as Fr. Euteneuer explains in the first of a series of video emails explaining common contraception msiconceptions. As I said in the comments section of my previous post on this subject, the Sean Hannity contraception flap is not just about Sean and Fr. E. knows it. That is what prompted this video series. As he mentioned in on … Read More

Maybe I Should Move to Poland

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Polish Teachers Promoting ‘Homosexual Culture’ to Be Fired, Official Says WARSAW, Poland — Teachers deemed to be promoting “homosexual culture” in Polish schools will be fired, the deputy education minister said Thursday. But the minister, Miroslaw Orzechowski, also insisted that homosexual teachers would not be targeted. “There is no place for the promotion of homosexual culture” in Polish schools, Orzechowski, … Read More

Sean Hannity and Contraception

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I am happy to report that I have returned safely from another relaxing and reflective retreat. These retreats always serve to reinforce my love for and faith in the Catholic Church and all of her rich moral truths. Which is why I take issue with Sean Hannity’s recent interview with Fr. Euteneuer about his criticism of Sean’s stance on artificial … Read More

“How Can There Be Too Many Children?”

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“That is like saying there are too many flowers” (Mother Teresa). Nowadays the use of contraception is quite accepted and even encouraged and couples frequently aren’t encouraged to ever actually have children. And when they do, it seems that it is frowned upon for them to have more than one or two. Even in the Catholic Church, over 90% of … Read More

Tasty and High-Tech Contraceptives

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Mmm Mmm Good! In an attempt to help reduce the level of birth control pill “failures,” one company has come up with a chewable, spearmint flavored pill to entice women to take the pills regularly. The idea is that if the pill is tasty and fun to take then women would be less likely to forget or skip doses, ensuring … Read More